Spottitt’s quality endorsed by the Siemens Gamesa wind and site selection team.

October 5 2018:

Spottitt ENERGY was put to the test by Siemens Gamesa’s own site assessment team who was able to confirm the quality of the data we produced is above Siemens Gamesa’s strict acceptance criteria.

Siemens Gamesa’s experts focused their attention on verifying how Spottitt can aid their wind modelling in terms of wind modelling input parameters and socio-technical constraints for wind power planning. Their findings were extremely satisfying: Spottitt can effectively reproduce terrain roughness maps based on advanced image recognition worldwide and its use delivers results which possess the requirements necessary for being used in a wind and site assessment even in challenging conditions.

Further the ability to recognise buildings and land cover information as well as the connection to databases including protected sites on a global scale, makes Spottitt to a tool aiding the complex decision making in the planning of wind farms.

Spottitt Ltd. would like to thank Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for their interest and is hoping to welcome them soon among our clients.