Geospatial Analytics
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Spottitt’s cloud-based solution leverages satellite data and advanced AI models to provide power, oil & gas and infrastructure sectors with actionable insights on reducing assets’ failure risks and maximising ROI.

We Are Honored to Work with Clients
From Every Corner of the World

After years of experience in satellite-derived asset monitoring, Spottitt is developing the best AI for critical infrastructure risk assessment and asset management, which provides powerful insights to plan, develop, monitor and manage assets remotely, at scale.

Unlock Risk-Based O&M,
Starting Today

Spottitt provides near real-time geospatial analytics, allowing organisations to make intelligent O&M decisions and protect their assets.

O&M Managers, Asset Managers, Data Analysts, Digital Transformation Managers, Sustainability Managers and other roles responsible for maintaining critical assets’ safety, integrity and resiliency use our solutions.

Widest Array of Risks

analysed to both overhead and underground assets

Accurate Data At Scale

even for the toughest locations and conditions

Quick and Affordable

for more frequent updates and timely risk detection​

Highly Customisable

to fit your risk and management model

Effortless Integration

into your current software and processes

Risk Assessment for
Energy, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure

By analysing data on critical infrastructure such as transmission and distribution grids and substations, underground and overhead pipelines, Spottitt identify potential failure points and help develop strategies for reducing the risk of damages and minimising downtime.

Power TSOs and DSOs

Monitor external hazards and increase reliability indicators and O&M performance of your grid.

Oil and Gas

Timely detect risks and ensure the highest safety level of your assets and personnel. 

Roads and Railways

Optimize routes for your networks and get a holistic view of your infrastructure construction, at scale.

Renewable Energy

Determine the best location for solar and wind power plants to ensure the optimal outcome.

Our Solutions Cover
the Diverse Range of Use Cases

Spottitt’s satellite-based risk assessment and asset monitoring services are designed to meet each client’s unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to improve your asset management strategies, reduce risks in critical infrastructure, determine the best location for your network or monitor your operations’ impact on the local ecosystem, Spottitt has the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Countries Inspected
Km of assets monitored
Pipeline Risks Identified
Vegetation Encroachment
Changes Detected
km2 of habitat Protected
0 %
Average budget saved

What Our Clients Are Saying

Industry Recognition of our Innovative Risk Monitoring & Asset Management Solution

We Access 200+ Satellites to Get the
Right Geospatial Data for our Clients

By leveraging the latest satellite and AI technologies and working with the best geospatial data providers, Spottitt is able to provide unparalleled insights and recommendations to help businesses manage and monitor their assets and infrastructure with confidence.

Spottitt monitors environments,
without wasting them

We provide satellite technology to help companies take more control over their assets
in a 100% sustainable and friendly way.
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