Free NDVI and NDWI class maps till end August

Spottitt imagery and NDVI class maps showing reservoir shrinkage


– Global coverage

– 10m or 30m resolution NDVI / NDWI class maps with 12 classes from the satellite image of your choice

– Both source imagery and NDVI / NDWI class maps can be downloaded in .shp or .dxf formats

– Both source imagery and NDVI /NDWI class maps can be viewed and manipulated within Spottitt geoportal

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NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and is used to differentiate between surfaces which are covered with live vegetation and those which are not. When monitored over time, NDVI can be used to track and visualize the health and growth rate of live vegetation during the growing season in-order to spot growth issues. See examples and explore product details.

NDWI stands for Normalize Difference Water Index, and it is most appropriate for water body mapping because water bodies have strong absorbability and low radiation across the visible to infrared wavelengths.  When monitored over time, NDWI can be used to track and visualize water body extent changes across the changing seasons. See examples and explore product details.

We have a number of automated environmental analyses in the pipeline, including water and cloud masks, common indices like NDVI and NDWI difference, SAVI, and more…

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