Spottitt has been selected to work on the South Australia’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport

Spottitt is proud to be selected by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport – South Australia (DIT) to deliver a new solution to inspect and maintain roads at scale.

Across South Australia there re 23.000 km of roads of which 10.000 unsealed. Significant effort goes into inspecting this network to ensure that it’s safe and maintained at a good funcional level. Outside of the main cities, this requires visual inspection: people who regularly check for potholes and overall condition of the network. Therefore, the DIT was looking for new ways to carry out this process more efficiently and more sustainably.

Leveraging its expertise monitoring thousands of km of utility networks worldwide, Spottitt was happy to propose a proof of concept to help DIT maintain the road network condition and suggest when and were to intervene with in-field maintenance activities. Spottitt will leverage both optical and SAR satellite sensors to monitor the conditions of the road, as well as to map the extent and evolutions floods in near real-time.

With the delivery of this PoC, Spottitt intends to expand their disruptively priced, automated satellite derived monitoring solutions to the broader infrastructure sector, developing specific skills and algorithms for remote pavement condition monitoring.

Once again, Spottitt would like to thank all Gravity Challenge‘s partners and team, for being able to effectively support the growth of the earth observation industry worldwide.

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