Pipeline Leak Monitoring

Timely detect leaks in your gas, oil or water pipelines to prevent material and economical losses and ensure maximum efficiency of your network.  

Make well-informed O&M decisions to cut oil, methane, and water leaks based on accurate analysis

Allocate your man/hour and budget resources to address issues in a smart way

Prevent climate pollution and possible issues for workers and third parties

Challenges of leak detection

Every drop of clean water is precious. Even insignificant leaks, when accumulated over a long time period, can result in signi­ficant material and economic losses. 

In its turn, leaked gas can damage the pipelines and safety of the surrounding area as it may ignite, causing explosions. 

Also, the primary component of natural gas, methane, is one of the main contributors to climate change. Oil escaping from the pipe causes environmental pollution too. 

The main factors that cause leakages are corrosion, ageing infrastructure, unauthorised 3rd party activities, soil movement and even roots of vegetation

Pipelines distribute oil, natural gas, and water over vast distances. Typically they are placed underground, and it is virtually impossible to visually monitor the location of leaks unless they reach a critical volume.

Moreover, it may be challenging to determine the leaks’ precise location and severity. Yet it is vital to keep pipelines in good health and to detect any signs of leakage or other physical damage as soon as possible.

Conventional leak detection methods, like acoustic detection or pressure difference, are not optimal for high-scale or hard-to-access networks.

Reduce asset faults, maximise ROI

Spottitt MF ® for leaks detection employs satellite imagery and AI technology to spot leaks across the whole network, on time, at scale and fully digital.

Included Variables 

Improve the operational and financial performance of your pipeline infrastructure while keeping the environment and community safe.

Download our brochure to learn more about Spottitt MFⓇ for pipeline leak monitoring. 

Client case study

Digitalizing underground pipeline inspections

The Client:

Italian gas distributor with 1.500 km MP underground pipelines

Business Challenge: 

  • Walking the entire MP pipeline every 3 months to check new construction works
  • This costs €65.000 given employee expenses and transportation costs
  • Need to send periodical inspection reports to the Italian Authority
  • The company wants to minimize methane losses
  • Some areas are particularly difficult to reach and cannot be inspected

Solution delivered:

Spottitt Leak Monitoring allowed the company to make their inspections fully digital and more effective, while still complying with the regulation.

Business outcome:

  • Inspection costs reduced by 30%
  • Identified 1 unknown gas leak
  • Full-length digital change detection from now on
  • Inspection compliant with the Italian Authority


Why Spottitt was chosen

Spottitt MF allows to monitor risks of gas leaks at scale and measure them on the spot as soon as necessary.

Powered by Spottitt MF

Spottitt MF allows asset managers to get accurate geospatial analytics to track all possible risks on every meter of their assets, at scale, without breaking the budget

100% digital

Satellite-based analyses to avoid any hardware installation or flight permits

10.000 km in 48 hours

We automated the full process of getting satellite data and transforming them into actionable insights

Fueling your risk model

View, filter and integrate our metrics the way you need, without replacing your current management systems

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