Spottitt Ltd. to start commercial supply to Acciona Energia S.A.

Pamplona – Oxford, March 1 2018:

Spottitt Ltd. and Acciona Energia S.A. are proud to announce the start of a commercial agreement where Spottitt ENERGY will support Acciona’s wind park development.

The agreement comes after successful technical evaluation conducted on a number of wind sites, documenting Spottitt’s ability to reproduce the actual field situation.

We thank Acciona for the trust they have set in us and we look forward to a successful cooperation.

Spottitt Energy featured on the European Space Agency (ESA) website

The European Space Agency (ESA) recognised Spottitt’s innovation potential by featuring an article which highlights the connection between ESA’s space technology and our business application.

As part of ESA’s mandate to bring space technology to the masses, ESA is actively involved in promoting start-ups which make use of Sentinel satellite data.

You can read the full article by clicking on this link. Enjoy!

Can Satellite Image Analysis Replace Manual Digitization?

Spottitt’s CEO Lucy Kennedy enjoyed a full house at GeoDATA London on 30 November with her presentation towards the end of a busy exibition during which visitors to the Spottitt stand got through over 50 mince pies and 1kg of fudge.


So, “Can Satellite Image Analysis Replace Manual Digitization?” The answer to this provocative question is at the moment no. But satellite imagery does have an increasingly important role to play in the generation of valuable GIS products and services. We hope that delegates came away as excited as the Spottitt team about the opportunities that satellite data provides, and that through services like Spottitt ENERGY, accessing and analysing satellite imagery can finally be made effortless, efficient and cost effective.

If you missed Lucy’s presentation or if you want a second look please download it here.

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