Which Technology is Unrivalled as The Premier Infrastructure Monitoring Tool?

In a world where infrastructure monitoring demands accuracy, efficiency, and innovation, two experts battle it out to prove the superiority of two cutting-edge technologies. 

Niccolo, representing the satellite camp, and Ahmad, championing drones, engage in a thought-provoking clash of ideas, presenting each technology’s pros and challenging their opponent’s cons.

Niccolo Teodori

Chief Growth Office

Ahmad Qadoura


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What You Will Learn

🛰 Satellite Advantages: Discover how satellites are revolutionizing infrastructure monitoring with global coverage, all-weather capacity, and cost efficiency for widespread operations.

🎮 Drone Benefits: Explore the power of drones in offering unparalleled granularity, manoeuvrability and cost-efficiency for smaller areas or localised networks.

💥 Head-to-Head Debate: Witness an open discussion as our experts lay out the strengths and weaknesses of each technology, leaving no stone unturned.

Why Watch?

✅ Gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of satellite and drone technology.

✅ Gain deeper insights into the future of infrastructure monitoring.

✅ Make informed decisions for your organization’s monitoring needs.

Who Should Watch?

Energy and gas TSOs and DSOs, water utilities, renewable energy operators, railways and roads operators, engineering companies, local authorities and NGOs. 

✔️  Asset Managers    ✔️ O&M Managers    ✔️ Infrastructure Managers   ✔️ R&D and Innovation Managers    ✔️ Geospatial Operations Managers    ✔️ Data & Analytics Managers   ✔️ Environmentalists   ✔️ and anyone intrigued by the future of monitoring technology!

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