Geospatial Analytics
As a Service

Spottitt Metrics Factory (Spottitt MF) is the web platform to monitor and prevent risks on new and existing assets. It employs satellite imagery and advanced in-house AI algorithms to help organisations geta spot-on analysis of external risks to their new or existing overhead and underground assets.

Satellite image analytics is a crucial component of modern geospatial analysis and risk assessment. Indeed, many organisations are starting to use satellite imagery as a critical source of spatial data in their Geographic Information Systems (GIS). However, analysing satellite imagery in GIS software can be a complex process, which involves the right image acquisition, its processing and other various elements of it. Organisations need to have extensive internal expertise in Earth Observation and remote sensing, machine algorithms and software development, not to mention an adequate IT infrastructure and more. It can be a tricky process full of hurdles.

Spottitt MF offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to support this process. With our cloud-based platform, the data come already analysed in an actionable and easy-to-understand format, which can be easily imported into the GIS or other asset management system or workflow. This helps companies to save time and cost while getting accurate, reliable and up-to-date operational insights.

We take great pains to ensure solid and reliable algorithm performance through extensive algorithm development to deliver high accuracy and quality output.

Address Geospatial Risks,
Without Breaking the Budget

Spottitt MF leverages satellite imagery: images of the Earth captured by remote-sensing satellites orbiting the planet. It does so to help asset managers detect and prevent risks in the easiest and most accurate way.

Better Inspections

97.9% accurate

Our AI technology scans each 30cm resolution pixel to automatically detect and classify potential issues

100 + risk variables

Spottitt MF tracks encroachments, climate, land movements, leakages and many more risks

4 times more frequent

With the same budget as other inspection methods, our customers get 3 to 4 times more frequent updates

At the heart of Spottitt MF's capabilities is its powerful ability to process a large variety of low and high-resolution satellite imagery, which provides multi-spectral and other data on a wide range of environmental and physical phenomena.

Our platform transforms this data into actionable analytics that users can use to perform advanced analyses, generate detailed visualisations, and gain precious insights into complex spatial patterns and trends.


Spottitt MF enables users to integrate multiple data sources and analyse complex spatial datasets easily.

With these advanced capabilities, users can gain a deeper understanding of the conditions around their critical assets and make more informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Easier Data

10.000 km in 48 hours

We automated the full process of getting satellite data and transforming them into actionable insights

100% digital

Near real-time satellite and other remotely sensed data to avoid any hardware installation or physical survey

Live in 60 minutes

We only need the asset location to start. Our analytics is ten ready to be easily sent to clients' existing GIS or AM systems

Variety of Use Cases to Meet Unique Needs of Every Client

Spottitt MF provides powerful capabilities for analysing and interpreting geospatial satellite imagery, from identifying and tracking land use and vegetation changes to detecting pipeline leaks and broader environmental issues.

Get Geospatial Analytics
with Only a Few Simple Steps

Whether you're a maintenance manager, environmental scientist, assets planner, or business analyst,
this platform has everything you need to unlock the insights hidden within geospatial data.


Upload location of the assets you want to monitor into our cloud-based platform


Select pre-built metrics relevant to your use case and adapt them to your risk model


Get in-depth analytics of every incident for the whole area of your assets

Designed to Monitor and Manage Assets' Safety and Resiliency
in a Variety of Industries

Spottitt MF is a cutting-edge platform for geospatial data analysis and satellite data analytics, providing insights into the risks, their severity and location.


We are able to monitor literally any location in the world, regardless of its geographical coordinates or landscape peculiarities. Mountains, marine spots, urban locations, hard-to-access areas – we can cover it all.

Absolutely. While we monitor assets starting from 100 km of network, monitoring assets at scale is where satellite monitoring brings the most value.

In most cases yes, the analytics gives you an accurate and exhaustive understanding of risks. However, satellite monitoring can also be complemented by drone inspections and/or foot inspections for a more complete picture. Satellites help you prioritize the areas where to deploy other inspection methodologies.

Typically, we provide 50 cm satellite resolution, which in most cases meets the need of our customers. However, the technology doesn’t stand still, so we can provide 30 cm satellite resolution on-demand.

It depends on your needs and internal monitoring strategies. Satellite inspections can be periodic or on-demand.

Heat maps and data tables, representing 100+ basic risk metrics and complex indices suited to your own business case.

There are two components of the price: the satellite data charged at a simple rate per kilometer per pass and the data analysis conducted in Spottitt Metrics Factory. The latter is offered on a subscription model, with pricing starting as low as €5000 per year.

The only thing we will ask you is to share your network location. That’s it. No more side hustle for you.