Utility network monitoring from space.

Daily imagery capture, attractive pricing and automated imagery analytics mean that monitoring of changes, risks, vegetation encroachment and potential leaks from space is a technical reality.

Find out about Spottitt’s recent work with national Polish gas distribution network providers. Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o

Spottitt's 'Seeing Is Believeing' campaign

Humans are very visual creatures, seeing is believing. What cause do you support that could use a little satellite 'seeing is believing' magic?

Contact us if you have a cause that you need to monitor and make visible to your donors and sponsors. Critical habitats and species that are dissappearing, plasic pollution in our rivers, lakes and seas, illigal irrigation, light pollution at night….. the list of causes where satellite imagery and analytics can bridge the seeing is believeig gap is endless.

Don’t be worried about cost as Spottitt is looking to provide free proof of concept analytics.

FREE vegetation health analyses till end March.

Access free 10m resolution imagery taken every 5 days all over the world and run automated vegetation health (NDVI) analyses

To find out more about our NDVI classmap please go to our NDVI product page.

To run NDVI analyses for free till the end of March, click on the link below to register for a free, pay as you go account.

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We have developed and tested a number of bespoke and automated services for the following sectors:


Finding suitable sites for development, wind simulation input data, monitoring your assets and more…
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Automated monitoring and change detection of key environmental indices…
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Monitor changes, vegetation encroachment, land motion and leakages in and around your critical national infrastructure…
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Analysis ready imagery & data

Easily order analysis ready satellite imagery and data from multiple commercial and open source suppliers with just a few clicks…
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Isn’t it time you considered using satellite imagery and data?

Satellites provide global coverage, a range of sensor types and resolutions right down to sub meter, plus regular revisit cycles.

We provide Earth Observation and Geographic Information System consultancy on a project basis, but our specialty is automating the entire work flow. Whether it be land based analyses, feature extraction, monitoring and change detection.