enter spottitt, the satellite-driven positioning of solar and wind powerplants
  • Spottitt puts developers on renewable energy worldwide in the unprecedented position of being able to automatically scout for the best locations for their solar and wind powerplants – anywhere in the world
  • So far, most R&D in the renewable energy¬†sector has been dedicated to the prediction and modelling of resource availability – be it wind availability or solar radiation. In the meanwhile, far less effort has been invested in helping developers to automate the assessment of geographical, environmental and logistical constraints. With increasing equipment efficiency, understanding these aspects can be just as critical as assessing resource availability when it comes to minimising cost of energy
  • Workshops we have conducted over the last 3 years have demonstrated that even large, multi-national developers still manage this whole process in an overwhelmingly manual fashion. Spottitt wants to be the game-changer