Biodiversity Monitoring

Protect the diversity of the ecosystem around your assets and meet your sustainable development goals

Track and minimize environmental risks of your operations, at scale

Accurately categorise local species and habitats to make well-informed O&M decisions

Comply with environmental regulations without a hustle

biodiversity monitoring and preservation with satellite-derived data

Today, Companies Are Expected to
Track and Assess New Types of Data

Power and gas TSOs and DSOs, roads and railways operators and renewable energy companies operate in various environments, from urban centres to remote natural areas. They can significantly impact biodiversity as they carry out their activities, particularly if they are not managed responsibly. 

Changing perceptions of the role companies should play in society have created new challenges for the industry. It’s expected that asset owners and operators include biodiversity protection and promotion on their management agenda as part of sustainable development goals. 

Here are a few reasons why companies should care about:

  • Sustainability: Many organisations are committed to monitoring the biodiversity of their territory to ensure they are taking responsibility for their operations and are considering the long-term consequences of their decisions to make certain they are not adding to negative environmental or social effects.
  • Legal compliance: Many countries have laws and regulations that require companies to protect biodiversity around their assets. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal action, and damage to a company’s reputation.
  • Access to financing: In recent years, there has been a growing trend among investors and lenders to prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions. Companies that demonstrate strong environmental performance may have an advantage in financing and attracting investors.
  • Reputation and brand image: Public concern about environmental issues is on the rise, and companies perceived as being environmentally responsible are more likely to attract customers and retain their loyalty. By demonstrating a commitment to biodiversity monitoring and protection, companies can enhance their reputation and brand image in the eyes of consumers and other stakeholders.

However, monitoring biodiversity is challenging for the industry as it requires practical solutions to observe at scale and regularly while remaining environmentally friendly, which is impossible to perform with conventional monitoring methods.

Environmental organizations are also increasingly turning to satellite data as a powerful tool for biodiversity monitoring and habitat classification.

By harnessing the capabilities of satellites, these organizations can conduct large-scale assessments of ecosystems, tracking changes in biodiversity and gaining comprehensive understanding of the distribution and health of various ecosystems and habitat composition.

This approach not only offers a cost-effective and efficient way to remotely monitor vast areas but also provides crucial data for informed sustainable environmental management, aimed at fostering conservation efforts for preservation our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

Spottitt biodiversity assessment and monitoring system is a satellite-powered tool that can help companies better understand the biodiversity in their areas and how their activities might impact it.

By monitoring key biodiversity indicators, companies can identify potential risks, take measures to mitigate them, and also track the effectiveness of their conservation and restoration efforts over time.

biodiversity and habitat classification satellite
biodiversity monitoring spottitt mf satellite

Reduce Asset Faults, Maximise ROI

Spottitt MF ® for biodiversity monitoring supports utility, power and infrastructure companies with satellite and other geospatial insights to protect and enhance species diversity in the area of companies operations

Included Variables

Monitor and preserve biodiversity around every meter of your network in a cost- and time-effective manner.

Download the brochure to learn more about Spottitt MFⓇ for biodiversity monitoring.

biodiversity monitoring

Powered by Spottitt MF

Spottitt MF allows asset managers to get accurate geospatial analytics to track all possible risks on every meter of their assets, at scale, without breaking the budget

100% digital

Satellite-based analyses to avoid any hardware installation or flight permits

10.000 km in 48 hours

We automated the full process of getting satellite data and transforming them into actionable insights

Fueling your risk model

View, filter and integrate our metrics the way you need, without replacing your current management systems

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