We monitor environments,
without wasting them

Spottitt provides satellite analytics that helps utilities in the Transmission & Distribution market embrace a new digital era, bringing unprecedented service reliability and optimal O&M spending. Thanks to an easy to use, automated service and the unique expertise of the team, Spottitt has been trusted by many international public and private organizations on their journey towards Earth Observation. 

Unlike many traditional monitoring methods satellites are a carbon neutral option. This is why we won’t stop until satellites become the norm for large and small businesses Worldwide.

Our mission years is to help infrastructure owners operate assets which are increasingly more reliable, flexible, and climate resilient. We do this by providing quick and easy to use services, based on non polluting satellite derived technology, to monitor infrastructure assets at scale.

 ‘We will be satisfied only when the mass market use of satellite analytics becomes the norm, and all organizations large and small have intuitive, affordable access to this enabling technology to support the achievement of their sustainability goals.’

Our team

Spottitt relies on a growing team with all the expertise necessary to understand our customers’ needs and provide the optimal solution. Our backgrounds are in GIS, software development, machine learning, remote sensing. Also supported by EIT Innoenergy. In 2021, Lucy Kennedy, Spottitt co-founder and CEO, has been selected as first “Earth Observation Evangelist for Infrastructure” be the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies.

Lucy Kennedy

Co-founder and CEO

Paolo Senes

Co-founder, Non-Executive Chairman

Niccolò Teodori

Chief Growth Officer

Frank b_w_circle

Frank Andrew

Business Development Manager

Elena b_w_-circle

Elena Klimenko

Marketing Manager


Benjamin Kelly​

Earth Observation Engineer


Dr. Zahra Sadeghi

Earth Observation-SAR Engineer

Maciej Kołczyk​

Software Development​

Małgorzata Kałużna


Paweł Stopa

Software Development

Seweryn Zawadzki


Dr. Andrzej Gnatowski

Machine Learning

Teodor Niżyński

Machine Learning

Olga Kamińska

Software Tester

Paweł Mazur

Software Development

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