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Renewable energy operators know that choosing the right site for their projects is critical for long-term success. That’s why we offer powerful renewable energy site monitoring and analytics, helping operators assess the availability of essential resources and infrastructure as well as possible risks to critical assets. 

Spottitt MF analytics for solar site selection identify the optimal location for a solar power plant based on a range of factors, including solar irradiance, shading, land cover, proximity to power infrastructure and more. By leveraging satellite data and advanced machine learning techniques, developers get the most up-to-date and cohesive insights on the suitable sites for solar power plants, allowing maximize energy output and ROI.

Similarly, Spottitt MF supports wind turbine operators in identifying the most favorable locations based on factors such as wind speed, turbulence, and topography. This data can be used to optimize wind farm placement and increase energy production, ultimately driving better project performance and profitability.

If you’re a renewable energy operator looking to explore the latest technology to improve your site selection process, Spottitt is here to help.

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Boost your risk awareness and mitigation with actionable insights derived from multiple risk metrics measured.  Enjoy your analyses in our on-demand platform and integrate them easily into your existing asset management and GIS systems for better decision making.

Accurate and Near Real-Time Results

With Spottitt, you get high-resolution satellite images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get accurate geospatial data on every meter of your network, updated as frequently as every day. We offer the optimal solution customised to your specific needs.

At Scale, In Hours

Inspect at scale in hours, fully remote. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time walking or driving, and then passing and standardising the data. No subjective measures prone to human errors. Also, important, our monitoring method doesn’t pollute the environment. 

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