Land and Assets Motion Monitoring

Detect early changes in land and assets movement and prevent failure risks to your critical infrastructure.

Track possible land and assets motion risks on every meter of your critical assets, at scale

Get early warning signals and reduce the destructive risk of landslides on the integrity of your assets

Make well-informed O&M decisions based on the timely and accurate analysis findings

Today, asset managers need to track new types of risks, caused by land movement

Landslides are a threat where even the slightest movement can have a significant damaging effect. They typically result from extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfalls or earthquakes, as well as from human-related activities, such as deforestation and intensive land exploitation. 

To prevent rather than react to such a complex phenomenon, asset owners and operators should have access to comprehensive and frequent risk data analysis.

Conventional monitoring methods can be expensive, time-consuming and/or limited by geospatial and temporal gaps.

Opposed to this, satellite remote sensed data could provide detailed landslide mapping to reduce the disaster risk as well as to address the already happened event.

Analytics allows quick assessment of the event magnitude, damages it caused, current ground situation and its evolution.

Reduce asset faults, maximise ROI

Employing satellite data and advanced AI models, Spottitt MF ® provides near real-time analytics on land movement velocity and direction, enabling effective risk prevention and emergency strategies.

Included Variables 

Mitigate the risk of disruption due to land and assets motion, on time and without breaking the budget.

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Powered by Spottitt MF

Spottitt MF allows asset managers to get accurate geospatial analytics to track all possible risks on every meter of their assets, at scale, without breaking the budget

100% digital

Satellite-based analyses to avoid any hardware installation or flight permits

10.000 km in 48 hours

We automated the full process of getting satellite data and transforming them into actionable insights

Fueling your risk model

View, filter and integrate our metrics the way you need, without replacing your current management systems

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