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Embrace the future with satellite-derived geospatial analytics. Elevate your asset monitoring and infrastructure management to new heights, ensuring safety, sustainability, and efficiency at every turn.

AI and Satellite Imagery Can Be Used to Support Road and Railways Infrastructure:

Detect vegetation and other encroachments such as building, material storage or excavation along road corridors, railway lines, and other transport infrastructure. Identify areas of high risk where trees and other activities and changes may pose a risk to infrastructure or users and inform mitigation strategies.

Construction and O&M Works

Monitor the progress and quality of construction and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) works from a bird’s-eye view. Ensure that projects align with specifications and adhere to shcedule and safety standards, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency.

Route Planning

Obtain valuable insights on terrain, land use, elevation changes and other obstacles to identify optimal routes that optimize speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately contributing to more efficient transportation networks.

Pavement Conditions

Gain insights into the conditions of road pavements, without travelling thousands of kilometers. Detect signs of wear and tear, structural issues, or surface irregularities, allowing for timely maintenance and ensuring transport user safety.

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Evaluate the distribution, health and classes of the ecosystem around your infrastructure. Comprehend the ecological impact of transportation operations and implement conservation measures to harmonize with the environment.

Get a comprehensive perspective on weather conditions across different sections of railway and road networks. Understand how your infrastructure is affected by various climates to inform strategic decisions for asset resilience and durability.

Detect land movements efficiently and inform land-use planning. Satellite analytics aids in identifying potential ground shifts or subsidence, allowing for proactive measures. 

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Data Acquisition

Supporting different commercial and open source geospatial data

AI-Powered Data Analysis

To identify and extract all the relevant analytics from patterns, land features and objects

Customised Reporting

Enabling multiple user views, easy extraction and integration to GIS and other software

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