Unlocking Precision in Transportation Infrastructure Management

Embrace the future with satellite-derived geospatial analytics. Elevate your asset monitoring and infrastructure management to new heights, ensuring safety, sustainability, and efficiency at every turn.

Satellite Imagery and Analytics Can Be Used to Support Roads and Railways Infrastructure in a Few Ways:

Pavement Conditions:

Gain insights into the conditions of road pavements with unparalleled accuracy. Detect signs of wear and tear, structural issues, or surface irregularities, allowing for timely maintenance and ensuring transport user safety.

pavement health satellite monitoring

Construction and O&M Works:

Monitor the progress and quality of construction and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) works from a bird’s-eye view. Ensure that projects align with specifications and adhere to safety standards, minimizing risks and optimizing efficiency.

construction monitoring satellite-based

Root Planning:

Utilize satellite data to plan routes considering underground structures and potential root impacts. Prevent damages and ensure the integrity of infrastructure while optimizing planning for root systems.

route planning satellite

Satellite data enables the assessment of vegetation growth along road corridors, railway lines, and other transport infrastructure. Identify areas of high risk where vegetation may pose a hazard to infrastructure or users and inform vegetation management strategies.

Satellite analytics provides a perspective on weather conditions across different sections of railways and roads. Understand how your infrastructure has weathered various climates, informing strategic decisions for resilience and durability.

Evaluate the biodiversity of the surrounding territory with satellite-derived data. Understand the ecological impact of transportation infrastructure and implement conservation measures to harmonize with the environment.

Detect land movements efficiently and inform land-use planning. Satellite analytics aids in identifying potential ground shifts or subsidence, allowing for proactive measures. 

We Are Honoured to Work with DIT

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), South Australia, is responsible for the design, delivery and maintenance of state infrastructure used to deliver essential and important services to the community, and for managing and developing transport networks and the service delivery that supports them.

Collaboration between Spottitt and the DIT started in 2022 within Deloitte’s Gravity Challenge, which brings together end-users from public and private organisations, and innovators harnessing space technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Leveraging Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery, Spottitt offers DIT a 100% digital and remote solution for monitoring pavement health. This facilitates a shift from scheduled to more efficient condition and change-based monitoring, eliminating the necessity for vehicle fleets’ involvement and subsequently reducing CO2 emissions.

Spottitt’s solution is rooted in U.S. research that established a correlation between the brightness of SAR satellite imagery and the International Roughness Index (IRI) of roads, a global standard for road smoothness developed by the World Bank in the 1980s.

Harnessing SAR technology, our solution is responsive to key road condition indicators such as roughness and rutting. This technology unveils surfaces or areas where roads have been disturbed or damaged, offering an accurate depiction not only of emerging issues but also of their rate of development.

The scalability of this solution is anticipated to result in approximately 30% cost savings for DIT compared to the current expenses associated with vehicle surveys on a cost-per-kilometer basis.

Unlock Condition and Risk Based O&M, Starting Today

The Easy Way

Boost your risk awareness and mitigation with actionable insights derived from multiple risk metrics measured.  Enjoy your analyses in our on-demand platform and integrate it easily into your existing asset management and GIS systems for better decision making.

Accurate and Near Real-Time Results

With Spottitt, you get high-resolution satellite data processes by most sophisticated machine learning algorithms to get accurate geospatial analysis on every meter of your network, updated as frequently as every day. We offer the optimal solution customised to your specific needs.

At Scale, In Hours

Inspect at scale in hours, fully remote. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time walking or driving, and then passing and standardising the data. No subjective measures prone to human errors. Also, important, our monitoring method doesn’t pollute the environment. 

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