Site Selection

Employ comprehensive and up-to-date geospatial analytics to select the most optimal site for your assets’ location

Understand solar and wind output geospatial potential of the chosen area

Analyse buildings' rooftop potential, the characteristics of the land and the proximity to T&D infrastructure

Reduce initial investment and operation costs and improve ROI of new sites development

satellite site selection for solar and wind renewables

Site Selection Analytics is a Crucial Factor in Renewable Energy Projects Success

In the utility, infrastructure and renewable facilities sector, the success of any project starts with selecting the right site.

To maximise output and minimise risk, it is crucial to understand the site’s physical characteristics, from land coverage and land use to human activities nearby, and local environmental factors.

Asset planning managers can leverage a range of metrics to gain a complete picture to evaluate the site and determine whether it is an appropriate spot to invest or whether it makes sense to search for a more advantageous one. 

renewable energy site selection with satellite data spottitt mf table

Factors such as access to sunlight, land availability and biodiversity impact should be considered for solar site selection. 

Similarly, site selection for wind turbines requires a detailed analysis of a range of factors, including wind speed and direction, topography, and potential impact on ecosystems.

Our product leverages remote satellite data and machine learning algorithms and is a powerful tool for renewable energy developers.

By analysing a range of factors, our product helps identify the most promising locations for solar, wind, and other green energy projects, ensuring their long-term sustainability and financial success. Whether you’re a renewable energy developer or an infrastructure asset planning manager, our product can help you make better-informed decisions.

Reduce Asset Faults, Maximise ROI

Backed up by satellites and other geospatial data, Spottitt MF ® for site selection provides asset managers with in-depth and speedy analysis of the place in regard to planned renewable power installation

Included Variables

Select the most advantageous sites for your wind and solar plants to get the maximum of their capacity and protect from possible hazards.

Download the brochure to learn more about Spottitt MFⓇ for site selection.

optimal site selection

Powered by Spottitt MF

Spottitt MF allows O&M and asset managers to get accurate geospatial analytics to track all possible risks on every meter of their assets, at scale, without breaking the budget

100% digital and remote

Satellite-based analyses to avoid any hardware installation or flight permits

10.000 km in 48 hours

We automated the full process of getting satellite data and transforming them into actionable insights

Fueling your risk model

View, filter and integrate our metrics the way you need, without replacing your current management systems

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