“The project outcome fully met our expectations. We like the way Spottitt’s team works. We like the data they deliver and the type of communication they have. We look forward to continuing our partnership and offering our services together as a hybrid solution.”


About the Client:

Dronodat provides drone-based inspections, surveying and mapping services to clients in the renewable energy, utility and construction industries. 

Dronodat believes in the power of a hybrid solution where satellite data is used to get an overview of the monitored area at scale and understand where there is no need to fly drones to get even more granular inspection data.

dronodat vegetation monitoring for power network operator case study

Client's request to Spottitt:

Dronodat was looking to include satellite analytics as part of their offer to their client, a German power network operator looking to optimise their vegetation management activities, which included:

  • Tracking vegetation and its growth rates at scale
  • Doing the vegetation assessment in order to schedule pruning
  • Mitigating the risk of wildfires

Project outcomes:

We provided an analysis of vegetation and water encroachments based on a single image.

Single image height estimation is one of Spottitt’s differentiators. It improves project delivery time and makes Spottitt’s services even more cost-effective without compromising quality. 

To measure the annual vegetation growth, we used a high-resolution archive image available for the requested area, taken in May 2021 and a freshly taken 50cm resolution imagery.