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Spottitt MF employs satellite data and advanced machine learning algorithms to help pipeline network operators quickly and accurately detect pipeline safety hazards, allowing to take prompt action to tackle the problem and prevent any harm from further development.

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Oil & Gas network operators play a crucial role in society ensuring material’s safe and reliable delivery to homes, factories and other facilities.

Pipelines damage may not only affect operational continuity but also may result in environmental contamination, affecting ecosystems and water bodies, and pose immediate health risks due to leaked materials. The disruption of energy transportation can lead to economic implications and shortages. Financially, pipeline repairs, cleanup efforts, and legal penalties contribute to substantial costs.

Preventing and addressing pipeline damage is crucial for the company’s operational effectiveness, industry’s safety, and environmental sustainability. But also help operators to protect their reputation and comply with all applicable regulations and safety standards.

Regular risk assessments of distribution and transmission pipelines are designed to identify potential hazards and risks, such as land movement, change and unauthorised work nearby, encroaching vegetation that could compromise oil & gas network safety. This can include everything from regular inspections and maintenance to the implementation of advanced monitoring and control systems, helping operators identify and address issues on time. 

Satellite-derived monitoring provides precise and cost-effective surveillance for widely dispersed pipeline assets.


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Boost your risk awareness and mitigation with actionable insights derived from multiple risk metrics measured.  Enjoy your analyses in our on-demand platform and integrate them easily into your existing asset management and GIS systems for better decision making.

Accurate and Near Real-Time Results

With Spottitt, you get high-resolution satellite images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get accurate geospatial data on every meter of your network, updated as frequently as every day. We offer the optimal solution customised to your specific needs.

At Scale, In Hours

Inspect at scale in hours, fully remote. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time walking or driving, and then passing and standardising the data. No subjective measures prone to human errors. Also, important, our monitoring method doesn’t pollute the environment. 

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The operation of oil and gas transmission pipelines entails inherent risks associated with the potential for unintentional product releases. Oil and gas product releases have traditionally been treated as safety issues due to the risk of explosions and asphyxiation, but increasingly, the environmental impact of unintentional product releases is fast becoming the key risk to be reduced and avoided via Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs.

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Spottitt Metrics Factory Advances to the Next Level

As more organizations turned to Spottitt for monitoring growing numbers of assets, we recognized that the traditional geospatial platform’s map view, which was effective for small-scale monitoring, became cumbersome when dealing with larger datasets. So, we embarked on the development of Spottitt Metrics Factory. Since its beta launch in late 2022, ten organizations from around the world have been delighting in the ability to view and interact with their asset monitoring data using the product.

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