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Our satellite analytics solutions for power network operators

Spottitt provides utilities worldwide with satellite inspection and monitoring services that cover a wide range of use cases to optimise your vegetation management and improve your network reliability indicators.


Vegetation Monitoring

Better plan vegetation management activities around your assets, prevent wildfires and validate tree-cutting work done by third parties.

3rd Party Work and Change Detection

Spot unsolicited third-party intervention close to your critical infrastructure and prevent the risk of its injury and disruption.

Land and Assets Motion Monitoring

Detect early changes in land and assets movement and prevent failure risks to your critical infrastructure.  

Climate Conditions Monitoring

Mitigate the effects of environmental conditions and extreme weather events on your assets’ operational integrity and health.

Biodiversity Monitoring

Protect the diversity of the ecosystem around your assets and meet your sustainable development goals.

Unlock condition and risk based O&M, starting today

The easy way

No rocket science needed. Boost your risk awareness with actionable insights. Spottitt customers leverage our expertise to find and customise the optimal solution based on their specific needs.

Accurate, real-time results

With Spottitt, you get high resolution images and the most advanced artificial intelligence to get the most accurate insights on every meter of your network, updated as frequent as every day.

At scale, in hours

Inspect at scale in hours. Our monitoring solutions require no hardware, no flight permits, no time wasted walking or driving, and, most importantly, they no pollution. Enjoy your analyses in our platform and integrate them into the current management systems and GIS.

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Spottitt specialises in providing actionable satellite analytics for small and large utilities all over the World.