Monitoring weather threats for power operator

Testimonial: “Spottitt delivered precisely what we needed to ensure our overhead line network is as severe weather resilient as it can be given the constraints. Most of all, I liked the way they portray data on the map. We can easily understand it, cross-reference our lines under it and then put that data in our mapping systems to be able to assign weather ranking to a specific asset. Also, excellent service and support from the team with regular communication and

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Vegetation monitoring for power operator

Testimonial: “The project outcome fully met our expectations. We like the way Spottitt’s team works. We like the data they deliver and the type of communication they have. We look forward to continuing our partnership and offering our services together as a hybrid solution.”   About the Client: Dronodat provides drone-based inspections, surveying and mapping services to clients in the renewable energy, utility and construction industries.  Dronodat believes in the power of a hybrid solution where satellite data is used

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Site selection for renewable energy operator

Testimonial: “Spottitt’s product simply does what it says. It’s an off-the-shelf solution to get insights that will increase the success of renewable energy projects. The analysis of the sites was available quickly, super helpful and easy to understand. It’s already in a GIS-compatible format, so it’s easy to pull it down and load it into our internal systems. This product is of great use for anybody that needs to quickly incorporate geospatial data and analytics into their digital site selection

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Biodiversity monitoring for non-for-profit

About the Client: EcoRecord is the Local Environmental Record Centre for Birmingham and the Black Country (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall & Wolverhampton). They collect and make available information about the wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats in the area. Client’s request to Spottitt: Begin 2020, Spottitt delivered a sub-meter resolution Level II+ habitat classification for 1800 square km of both rural and urban landscape across the West Midlands Combined Authority.  This small-budget but large-scale technology trial was a success at many levels.

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Habitat classification for environmental charity

Since the 1970s, the UK has suffered an exponential decline in habitat biodiversity.  An understanding that habitats have significant economic value (ecosystem service value) that is lost when habitats are lost has led to the UK Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan, intended to improve, expand and connect habitats to address wildlife decline and provide wider environmental benefits for people. The delivery of Nature Recovery Networks (NRN) at local, regional and national scales is a major commitment within the 25-Year Environment Plan.

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