See Climate Conditions Monitoring in Action

In the occasion of the UN’s COP27 conference held in Egypt in November 2022, Spottitt analysed thousands of kilometres of electricity networks to demonstrate the scale and peculiarities of climate change experienced by utility infrastructure over the last decade in the UK, Egypt and Alaska.

Climate Conditions Monitoring for COP27

Countries covered
Critical metrics
Years analysed
Km of energy networks
As soon as you sign-up – it’s free and takes less than 5 sec –  you will be taken to the Spottitt MF demo interface. As opposed to a typical demo, where you are supposed to passively watch and listen, here you’ll able actually to play around with real data.
Spottitt MF demo has been pre-populated with power transmission asset data from Egypt, Alaska and the United Kingdom, and data for selected climate condition monitoring parameters going back to 2012.
Users can apply filters on a variety of parameters, for instance, the number of hours that an asset experiences:
  • hot temperatures > 30°C
  • high winds > 15 m/s
  • heavy rainfall > 15 mm 
These and other parameters were built based on our extensive experience in earth observation justified with practical value confirmed by our clients worldwide.

One digital inspection platform

Infinite insights for asset managers

Spottitt’s Climate Conditions Monitoring service offers data on a very wide variety of key parameters including lightning strikes, humidity, wind direction and more, for full details please see our service overview page.