Mythbusting Satellites For Utilities:
Separating Facts From Fiction

Speaker: Lucy Kennedy, Spottitt Co-founder and CEO

Are you exploring satellite technology to monitor risks around your critical infrastructure? 

Do you ask yourself any of these questions:  

  • Does satellite imagery look the same as aerial photography?
  • Can satellites really see through cloud, and at night?
  • How accurately do I need to know where my assets are to monitor them with a satellite?
  • Do I need a proper working and complete GIS system to use satellite data?
  • How complicated is it to integrate satellite-derived data into the asset management decision-making process, and more

Don't allow misconceptions hold you back from leveraging satellites for asset management

In this episode, Spottitt Co-founder and CEO Lucy Kennedy debunks common myths about satellite-based asset monitoring, including the beliefs that satellite data is:

  • Too expensive and unaffordable for most organisations
  • Only helpful for large-scale applications, not small or medium-sized operations
  • Difficult to use and requires specialised training or equipment
  • Cannot be integrated with other data sources and systems and more
  • Extremely limited in use cases, for instance, only to environmental risks or government industry 

For whom it is intended

Power and gas TSOs and DSOs, water utilities, renewable energy operators, and infrastructure companies, both in the private and public sectors, interested in leveraging satellite data to improve their assets’ safety and resiliency.

Whether you’re new to satellite technology or an experienced user, watching this episode will give you a clear understanding of satellite possibilities, limitations and perspectives.

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