NCBR Project

NCBR Project

Proud to be supported by the European Union

We are pleased to announce that Spottitt’s subsidiary- Spottitt Sp. z o.o. has been awarded a grant from the National Centre for Research and Development. Based on the Project Co-financing Agreement, Spottitt Sp. z o.o. implements the Project entitled “Development of an automated system based on a set of hybrid artificial intelligence algorithms and satellite imaging for mapping and monitoring the state of the technical infrastructure of the area”.

The project’s main goal is to develop an automated system based on a set of high-performance hybrid artificial intelligence algorithms for analysing optical satellite images and SAR. 

The planned effect is to enable mapping and monitoring of the state of the technical infrastructure (including gas, water, sewage, and electricity) to identify risks and potential problems and support network providers in planning risk-based interventions.


PROJECT VALUE: 7 880 953,53 PLN

FUNDING VALUE: 5 946 970,72 PLN

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