Spottitt will join the TBM’s Asset Management Forum for Distribution System Operators

Spottitt’s Chief Growth Officer Niccolò Teodori will join the next TBM’s Asset Management Forum for Distribution System Operators. The event will be held online between the 9th and the 10th of June, 2022 and it will focus on sharing knowledge and insights on the asset management strategies of power DSOs from all over the World. On the second day of the event, Niccolò will provide a presentation titled:

Improving the risk awareness with the use of satellite analytics

  • Climate change, vegetation and third parties as the main causes of network faults and losses
  • Barriers of current inspection methods to achieve greater digitalization and risk awareness at scale
  • The growth of satellites and earth observation: new constellations and types of sensors available
  • Fact checking: how accurate are satellites today?
  • Deploying satellites for utility network monitoring, most common use cases


If you are interested to join the event, feel free to send your request from this link.

We look forward to e-meeting you all!

Our latest news:

Spottitt MF free beta program winners announcement!

Spottitt is happy to announce two winners of free Proof of Concepts (PoC). With the Spottitt MF beta program, Spottitt gave the chance to two utility network operators to get a free high-resolution analysis of 100 km of assets.

Spottitt Chosen for Newchip’s Seed-Stage Global Accelerator Program

Spottitt’s digital inspection solution for critical assets is among the top applicants selected for Newchip’s exclusive accelerator. The accelerator has helped over 1,500 founders from more than 50 countries and 250 cities raise over $450 million in funding with an estimated portfolio of over $9 billion.

Choosing the right SAR imagery provider is all about their quoted revisit frequency. Or is it?

So you have an application or use case that lends itself to the use of SAR satellite imagery, for example flood monitoring, disaster response, illegal fishing, land and asset motion etc. You already know that the resolution and/or revisit frequency of open source SAR imagery from the likes of Sentinel-1, PALSAR, RADARSAT-1 etc. won’t meet your needs so it is time to review the offering of the growing number of providers of commercial SAR imagery.

Monitoring Infrastructure through the Eyes of Satellites

Is it possible to inspect and protect critical infrastructure from the sky with the help of satellites? Let’s discuss this and see what are the use cases and benefits of infrastructure sector monitoring by using satellites.