Spottitt v1.20.0 is live

Spottitt v1.20.0 is live with a number of time and money saving features that we want to make sure you make the most of.


  • Spottitt Land Cover Analyses from 100% free and open source imagery. Previous versions of Spottitt only supported the generation of a 6m resolution LCA which required customers to purchase commercial imagery. Now with v1.20.0 customers also have the option to purchase a 10m resolution LCA from 100% free and open source Sentinel 2 imagery saving you up to £740 on the cost of a 900 square km LCA. These new LCA’s have the same land cover classifications and can be used in Spottitt to generate Roughness, Greenfield and Turbine Positioning analyses as usual. To find out more about this feature please go to the Spottitt manual.
  • Spottitt Roughness Analyses can be converted into .map format. Now Spottitt customers can convert their roughness analyses into the .map file format within Spottitt for immediate import into your wind modelling software of choice. No need to waste time converting .shp files into .map files via 3rd party software. To find out more about this feature please go to the Spottitt manual.
  • When creating Roughness Analyses Spottitt customers can choose to reduce the ‘noise’ by sieving out polygons smaller than a chosen number of pixels. Spottitt customers can also choose to reduce the complexity of polygons by using the generalization function. Both these functions allow the complexity and weight of Spottitt Roughness Analyses to be reduced, which in turn significantly reduces simulation times. To find out more about this feature please go to the Spottitt manual.

Watch out for credit card payments and pay as you go subscriptions in the coming month.

Can Satellite Image Analysis Replace Manual Digitization?

Spottitt’s CEO Lucy Kennedy enjoyed a full house at GeoDATA London on 30 November with her presentation towards the end of a busy exibition during which visitors to the Spottitt stand got through over 50 mince pies and 1kg of fudge.


So, “Can Satellite Image Analysis Replace Manual Digitization?” The answer to this provocative question is at the moment no. But satellite imagery does have an increasingly important role to play in the generation of valuable GIS products and services. We hope that delegates came away as excited as the Spottitt team about the opportunities that satellite data provides, and that through services like Spottitt ENERGY, accessing and analysing satellite imagery can finally be made effortless, efficient and cost effective.

If you missed Lucy’s presentation or if you want a second look please download it here.

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