Spottitt is on the List of the TOP 100 Energy Start-ups in the World

This achievement was announced as part of the prestigious SET Award 2023 (Start-Up Energy Transition), an international competition for start-ups and young companies working on ideas affecting the global energy transition. 

Spottitt’s recognition is a testament to the company’s potential to revolutionise the energy industry and its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. 

Transformation of the energy sector is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are the primary cause of climate change. The need for a safe, reliable and affordable supply of energy to ensure sustainable economic growth and social development. 

We at Spottitt provide the industry with an innovative risk-monitoring and asset management solution which employs satellite data and advanced machine-learning models. And we believe this is one of the most promising technologies to help shape a clean and sustainable future for all.

The competition attracts companies from various fields, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and e-mobility. Going into the seventh year, this time SET analysed more than 400 start-ups from 63 countries, who applied to showcase their game-changing solutions.

Each application was first evaluated according to its business model, innovation level, market penetration, scalability, capacity to execute its strategies (finances, network, leadership) and more. Those with the highest scores were then evaluated by the high-level jury comprised of some of the most prominent and influential individuals in the energy sector.  

Read the full SET100 List 2023.

Lucy Kennedy
Lucy Kennedy

Spottitt CEO and FIRE EO Evangelist for Infrastructure

Niccolo Teodori
Niccolo Teodori

Spottitt Chief Growth Officer

Our latest news:

weather data

Spottitt and Meteomatics Partner to Offer High-Resolution Weather Analytics

We are excited to integrate Meteomatics’ weather forecast data into our Spottitt MF platform’s Climate Conditions Monitoring module. Our clients will now access even more accurate and up-to-date weather information, allowing them to monitor rapidly changing weather and climate conditions around their critical infrastructure.

spottitt asset management distribution system operators

Join Spottitt at the 10th Annual Global Asset Management Forum 

We are excited to announce that Spottitt, a leading provider of geospatial analytics solutions, will be a proud bronze sponsor at the upcoming 10th Annual Global Asset Management Forum for Distribution System Operators. This jubilee event will take place on the 19th and 20th of June 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, organized by TBM Group.

EO Earth Observation Road Infrastructure Fire Forum

Earth Observation Application for Infrastructure Sector 

As the CEO and co-founder of Spottitt, a company that leverages Earth Observation (EO) data to provide actionable insights for various industries, I have seen first-hand the immense potential of EO for the Infrastructure Sector alongside the adoption challenges faced by infrastructure owners and operators.

Criteria for choosing satellite analytics provider

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Satellite Analytics Provider for Your Needs

Satellite-derived analytics is rapidly gaining ground as an essential tool for monitoring and managing risks in the power, utility, and infrastructure industries. It has been recognised as a key tool to improve safety, reliability, and optimal performance of critical assets by providing insights into their health, risks, and other key operational parameters.

Geospatial Data for Selecting Optimal Renewable Energy Sites

Solar and wind power plants have become increasingly important as the world continues to move towards renewable energy sources. However, choosing the right location for these power plants can be a complex process involving various factors, from available land and solar irradiation to wind speeds and topography.

Mythbusting Satellites
For Utility Assets Monitoring


Insights and developments in satellite technology for monitoring and preventing risks around critical assets